By Eles Ismailov

This is just a public journal.

It has been a while since I have posted anything.
And I had to remake the entire blog, on another website to satisfy my skill ego. That I CAN actually do it.
And I made it so oh so much better as well.
The experience is smoother. The authentication is properly implemented. And it looks overall nicer.
I feel like I just want to post something.

So this is one of the posts I rarely do.
I do not feel like there is a point in having a blog nowadays. But I wanted to implement it on my website because of one thought.
"How could I be making websites for someone else if I can't even make a blog?"

So I pushed and pushed, and here it fucking is.

Next, prisma postgres, vercel, tailwindcss.

How could you make money from a blog?

I have no fucking clue.

Potentially drive traffic from short form X IG to the blog. Then sell something. A digital product usually.

Anyway. This is just a public journal.