By Eles Ismailov

You are going to JAIL for speaking the truth

I was wondering.
Is it really a good idea to share my notes like this. They could put me in jail for that.
That is the point.
Like Tates said it. Every man of significance has been in jail for some amount of their lives.
By extension of you watching that, you will go to jail for what you believe in.
And that alone is something to accept.
Get you finances straight, take care of your family, because they are undeniably coming for you.
For the fucking tweets that you have, for the truth that you speak.

The idea is to get to the point where you no longer have things to hide.

Everything you have is out there.
And if it is the truth, it is worth going to jail for.

Imagine what kind of person you are going to emerge from the prison.
The kind of predator you will become.
The kind of story you will have, "I went to jail for speaking the truth."

So yeah, it is absolutely worth it to be posting these kind of things.
For sharing the truth from using my actual name, and not some fucking anon account.

Just by the fact that I am trying to escape this system, I am already their target, and they are coming after me.